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First 48 Sessions are newborn lifestyle photos taken in those first moments of life when everything is fresh and brand new. The birth of your baby is a milestone you will want to remember. So much is happening…so quickly! Will you remember the way you felt when you first saw those wrinkly toes, the tiny fingers and that beautiful face looking at the world for the first time? A First 48 Session will capture all those moments before they quickly pass.

First 48 Sessions are done in the hospital, usually the day after birth to give mom a chance to rest a bit. Any family you like can be there. Siblings are a must! I love capturing the wonder as siblings gaze at their new brother or sister!

Cynthia Starr Photography will capture all the “newness” and emotions of your little one’s first moments! No need to worry about what’s around in the room, or how you look…this is all part of a First 48 Session. I will take care of creating beautiful memories, the hospital surroundings are all part of it!

See Morgan’s First 48 taken at Northern Dutchess Hospital Birthing Center.

Cynthia Starr, Cynthia Starr Photography