5 Things

Photography is a daily part of my life and it brings me great happiness! There are 5 things I do every day to help keep my photography skills sharp.

1. Everywhere I go, I check out the lighting. It may be shadows falling indoors, bright window light, the warm light of sunset approaching or the bright, contrasty light when the sun shines on dark clouds after a storm. Analyzing light needs to be second nature during a live shoot.

2. On my way to and from work or around town, I look for great backdrops for photos. I often go back to these spots during a session. It may be a place where the light behind a treeline provides beautiful backlight, a colorful building front or an area full of texture.

3. I “look for pictures” everywhere I go. Just today on the way home from work the sunlight was illuminating the tall feathery, golden grass with a red barn behind it. Great picture!

4. I learn something new about photography each day. I may read another photographer’s blog, check out Creative Live or search for a “how-to” video online. There is so much information to be had by anyone who is looking!

5. Think about my next “Big Thing”. I always need to be learning something new! I love learning and I love the anticipation that goes into planning for the near or not so near future. Chasing my dreams has lead me to many great new adventures!

Cynthia Starr, Cynthia Starr Photography

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