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As a Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer, I have had the pleasure of working at many great venues. One of my favorites is West Hills Country Club in Middletown, NY! West Hills has everything! The beautiful golf course is a lovely backdrop for an outdoor ceremony. The ceremony site is set just outside the reception tent. It is complimented by a waterfall, beautifully paved patio and a magnificent view.

The reception tent is elegant with its chandeliers and clean, sophisticated appearance. Great for wedding photographs! I love the way the head table is at the end of the tent with the trees and golf course behind the bride and groom. The reception tent is spacious with a very large dance floor for guests to enjoy.

The front of West Hills Country Club is stunning! The large pool and waterfall greet guests. The buildings and landscaping are meticulously groomed. All the buildings are in close proximity to the reception tent. Everything flows together!

As a photographer, the Bridal Suite at West Hills is amazing! I love the large windows, decor and the spacious bathroom and dressing room. The suite has the feel of an elegantly decorated home! The large windows with their appealing sheers and drapes add beauty and softness to the wedding day detail photos. There is plenty of soft, natural light to compliment the getting ready pictures!

Finally, the staff at West Hills Country Club is top notch! They are always kind, polite and accommodating! They go out of their way to be sure everyone is happy and enjoying their day. The food is always delicious, and presented in an inviting way. The wait staff is attentive and always ready to help!

Looking for am amazing venue for your special day? You will find it at West Hills Country Club

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